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New Homestep Properties - Aberaman

Published: Tuesday 18 December 2018

Tai ‘Tintern’ 3 ystafell wely yn Aberaman House, Aberaman.

Ar gael am 70% o’r gwerth ar y farchnad i brynwyr tro cyntaf!

70% y pris canllaw: £101,500*

(*100% y pris canllaw: £145,000)

DIM rhent a DIM llog ar y 30%, a DIM dyddiad cau i dalu’r 30% yn ôl.


3 Bedroom ‘Tintern’ Houses at Aberaman House, Aberaman.

Available at 70% of Market Value for First Time Buyers!

70% Guide Price: £101,500*

(*100% Guide Price: £145,000)

NO rent and NO interest on the 30% plus NO deadline

to pay the 30% back


Published: Friday 23 November 2018

Tai ‘Camara’ 2 ystafell wely yn Highfield, Coed-elái

Ar gael am 75 % o'r gwerth ar y farchnad i brynwyr tro cyntaf! 
75% Y Pris Canllaw: £110,625* (*100% Y Pris Canllaw: £147,500) 

Am ragor o wybodaeth ffoniwch Homestep ar 01443 281136 neu e-bostwich:

2 Bedroom ‘Camara’ Houses at Highfields, Coedely

Available at 75% of Market Value for First Time Buyers!

75% Guide Price: £110,625*   (*100% Guide Price: £147,500)

Call Homestep for more information on 01443 281136 or email: 

Housing Benefit Changes

Published: Monday 31 October 2016
Housing Benefit Changes

The Housing Benefit or Housing Costs that you receive in the future is changing!


If you are likely to need help towards the cost of paying your rent, there are some changes that you need to be aware of.


Further information can be found here.

Your Guide to Bidding

Published: Friday 4 December 2015
Your Guide to Bidding

Welcome to Homefinder RCT

These information guides will remind you of how the process works:



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